We are Ernest and La, these are our three beautiful daughters. Together, we are Family Freedom Fighters. We are a homeschooling, creative, entrepreneurial, fit family committed to helping others create family-focused lives full of freedom, health, and love.

Through our experiences and what we learned in our freedom journey, we can help guide you to create yours.

We want every family to have the lifestyle they desire, and we felt called to create a program that allowed others to learn how to create true freedom based on a healthy mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial mindset in conjunction with tangible action steps, the same steps that helped us achieve our dreams. It all comes together in our Family Freedom Fighters 6-week course and coaching program!

After the course is done, our relationships as fellow “Family Freedom Fighters” doesn’t end there. Course members also get “Lifetime” membership in our private fb group with other family freedom fighters like yourself. 

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Client Testimonial:

I have greatly admired the Pasion family for their strength as a family unit and even more so Ernest and La's strengh as a couple. This course is the Pasion family opening their hearts and sharing their experiences and knowledge that have led to their best life. While the definition of freedom varies for each individual this course touches on many aspects of life where freedom could be applied. For myself, this course has given me the confidence to be able to pursue a much desired life change. Ernest and La showed me possibilities that I had not previously considered. I am grateful to be able to walk my path knowing I am much more equipped to creating the best life for myself and my family. Thank you Ernest and La! 

~Louie W.