We are Ernest and La and we are Family Freedom Fighters. We are a homeschooling, creative, entrepreneurial, fit family committed to helping others create family-focused lives full of freedom, health, and love.

For many years, we struggled with feeling like we didn't have enough time, money, energy, or resources to enjoy spending time with our family. In 2017, we decided to do something about it. After leaving a soul-crushing job, we fell in love with the freedom we experienced from finally being in alignment with the life we wanted for ourselves and our family. We then felt compelled to share our story and help other families achieve their own freedom.

In 2020, we created a program to guide other families through the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial components to achieving the life you desire for your family. It is our passion and our joy to share our journey with you, to guide you through our Family Freedom Fighters course and coaching program.

The question we get asked all the time is HOW?

  • How do you homeschool 3 kids while making a living?

  • How was Ernest able to quit his job and make money online?

  • How do you get to spend so much time together as a family?

  • How do you two do it?

  • How can we do it?

The fact is, life is short and precious. Our children are only little for so long. We don't get these years back. We did not want to look back on our lives wishing we had spent more quality time with our babies. We did not want to look back with regret thinking about all the time and connection we missed out on because we were busy building someone else's dream.

...and we do NOT want this for you.

We certainly don't have all the answers and we're learning more and more every day about how to create our family's dream life. But one thing is for sure, we have learned A LOT on our journey as parents, partners, and family freedom fighters and we can't wait to share how you too can create the family life that you've always dreamed of!


6 Weeks to Family Freedom

Explore how we guide our Family Freedom Fighters to create mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom through our 6 week course and coaching program.


When you join Family Freedom Fighters, you become a part of our Family. We'll spend the first week getting to know each other and introducing you to our incredible community of Freedom Fighters!


Mindset Freedom

We'll guide you through creating a strong and resilient mental and emotional mindset to create a solid foundation for your Family Freedom. 

Spiritual Freedom

Week 2 helps you to connect with your spirituality, whatever that may be for you, and to use it to guide you through your journey to Family Freedom by harnessing help from a higher power.

Physical Freedom

Health is wealth! This week we will be talking about how keeping your health as your priority is essential in creating your Family Freedom.

Financial Freedom

Money mindset is a powerful tool for creating the wealth and abundance that you desire and deserve. 

Family Freedom

In week 6, we support you in creating a plan to continue creating freedom and abundance for you and your family!

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Create your own personal Family Freedom Blueprint by building a framework on the 4 main components that creates that freedom in 6 guided weeks. 

  1. Develop a rock solid freedom foundation by defining what family freedom means to you and your family and mentally prepare for success with certain mindset techniques. 

  2. Learn to lean on higher powers and belief to support your family freedom journey through spiritual means and techniques. 

  3. Create and sustain a healthy lifestyle in order to enjoy your family freedom that you create.
  4. Achieve your family freedom and support that new lifestyle by learning various ways to make money from home and find one that resonates with that freedom plan. 

Do all of this with our guidance and experience. We have been there. There was something missing in our life. We woke up each morning, went to jobs that took precious time away from each other and our kids. We knew we needed to change. Our family took a leap of faith and through growth in all four of the components we created our own family freedom blueprint that we are currently implementing. 

Through our experiences and what we learned in our freedom journey we can help guide you create yours. After the course is done, our relationships as fellow “Family Freedom Fighters” doesn’t end there. Course members also get “Lifetime” membership in our private fb group with other family freedom fighters like yourself. 

In this group we support one another in creating our own freedom journeys.  You also receive 2-Live Coaching Calls with us at Week 3 and 6 of the course where we can give live guidance, support, and feedback for your blueprint. 

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Client Testimonial:

I have greatly admired the Pasion family for their strength as a family unit and even more so Ernest and La's strengh as a couple. This course is the Pasion family opening their hearts and sharing their experiences and knowledge that have led to their best life. While the definition of freedom varies for each individual this course touches on many aspects of life where freedom could be applied. For myself, this course has given me the confidence to be able to pursue a much desired life change. Ernest and La showed me possibilities that I had not previously considered. I am grateful to be able to walk my path knowing I am much more equipped to creating the best life for myself and my family. Thank you Ernest and La!

~Louie W.